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Your story, elevated.
FAA Certified, Registered, and Insured.

We believe in your story

At Sky Dojo Media, we not only get the shot you have in mind, but work with you to assure that we get it perfectly as you see it and often combine our knowledge and experience to suggest additional shots that add new dimensions to the story you're telling. 

About us

Tylor Norwood and David Smith are our pilots. Both David and Tylor have been licensed drone pilots for over a decade wit hundreds of flights on their credits. Both have flow in extremely challenging environments, captured incredible visuals and are excited to get the shot for you on your next production.


DJI Inspire 3


The Inspire 3 can repeat movements with less than 1 centimeter of difference allowing for a airborne dolly to get day to night transitions, stored for Timelapse's of projects, or anything else you can think of. It's the greatest most advance drone and image sensor in the world.

  • 8K Full-Frame image sensor

  • Up to 75 Frames Per Second at 8K

  • Up to 120 Frames Per Second at 4K

  • Spotlight Pro Subject Tracking

  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

  • Up to 9.3-Mile Control via O3 Pro

  • Up to 58.4 mph Flight Speed

Ready To Roll

We specialize in a cinematic style of storytelling, and have produced work for HBO, BBC, Amazon and companies like Facebook, Google and GE. 

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Telephone: 707-849-9134

Address: 2288 Fulton Street
                   Suite 202
                   Berkeley Ca 94704

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