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Sky Dojo Media is a collection of passionate creatives that work together to create world class projects for companies. The team is helmed by Tylor Norwood the Sky Dojo's Founder and Chief Creative. Our team has created multiple award winning films, most recent of which, Robin's Wish (2020) was the number one documentary on iTunes in the month of September and is currently playing in over 50 countries.


About Us

We want to tell your story

Sky Dojo was created to facilitate the creative aspirations of Tylor Norwood, and has since grown into a company that has served some of the biggest companies in the world in both video and photography while providing art direction and consulting along the way. The film work done by the company is mammoth, having completed five world class feature films in the last eight years. We work hard for our clients, and always make time to keep pushing our work. 

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